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International coaching seminar with Peter Schreiner in Sofia / Bulgaria

On April 18th and 19th an international trainer seminar took place in Sofia. The aim was to present the latest trends, perspectives and guidelines in football in order to improve the training process and create new contacts and networks between coaches.

Organizational team led by Nestor Yurukov and Nikolai Illiev with the four presenters, Peter Schreiner, Athanasios Terzis, Philipp Dahm and Ralf Jaser.


Individual training for strikers theory: – (Lecturer – Peter Schreiner)
a. Why do top strikers score so many goals?
b. Analysis of top European goal scorers (more than 1500 goals) c. The 8 shooting categories

Building football players:
a. Concept from U12 to professionals on the example of youth academies in Germany (Lecturer – Philipp Dahm)

Improving Speed – SpeedMatrix – Thinking and Action Become One – (Speaker – Ralf Jaser)

Tactics – How to penetrate the opponents’ lines with the 1-4-3-3 formation – Based on the tactics of Guardiola, Klopp and Sarri – (Lecturer – Athanasios Terzis)

Tactics – Breaking through a compact defence by playing over the lines and through the flanks Based on the tactics of Marcelo Bielsa and Pep Guardiola – (Lecturer – Athanasios Terzis)

Individual training for strikers: finishing shot under pressure – (Peter Schreiner)

Individual training for strikers : Exercises and game forms on 1 goal – (Peter Schreiner)

Building Football Players: Coaching Selected Skills – (Philipp Dahm)

Improving Speed – Changing Direction – (Ralf Jaser)

Peter Schreiner during his seminar

Fußball-Trainer Seminar
Fußball-Trainer Seminar

1 against 1 with strong pressure from the opponent on flat goals

Fußball-Trainer Seminar

Shot on goal under time pressure. Nikolai Illiev translates the exercise into bulgarian

Fußball-Trainer Seminar

Shot on goal from 3 v 1 into 2 v 2 with 2 players on the sides

Fußball-Trainer Seminar

Group ZSKA Sofia U15

Fußball-Trainer Seminar

Presenters of the international coaching seminar in Sofia
Peter Schreiner, Athanasios Terzis, Philipp Dahm, Ralf Jaser, Nikolai Illiev.

Fußball-Trainer Seminar

Athanasios Terzis

Fußball-Trainer Seminar

Philipp Dahm

Fußball-Trainer Seminar

Ralf Jaser

Fußball-Trainer Seminar

Interesting meeting between ZSKA Sofia / Filip Filipov (Executiv Direktor, ZSKA Sofia)

Talks were held about a cooperation of the Institute for Youth-Soccer and ZSKA Sofia.

Fußball-Trainer Seminar

During the seminar:
Peter Schreiner, Nikolai Illiev and Krassimir Balakow

Fußball-Trainer Seminar
Peter Schreiner, Krassimir Balakow, Nikolai Illiev
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