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Modern Youth-Training in Soccer

The philosophy of children’s soccer. Principles, activities and concepts that are necessary in modern youth soccer!

  • 45 pages, with specific recommendations for attractive, child-oriented soccer exercises that build a solid athletic foundation
  • Based on the Official Soccer Coaching Book of the German Soccer Association with DFB coaches and educators Ralf Peter and Gerd Bode
  • Includes objectives and concepts for Youth Soccer Training from U6 to U12
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Modern Youth Training Soccer

The Philosophy of Children’s Soccer

To fully develop their creativity and enjoyment of the game, children have to have the
freedom to try things out at practice, to play freely and without interference.

Youth Soccer

Detailed Guidelines

The eBook includes detailed coaching guidelines, specifically for youth soccer

Well Explained

From general movement-, soccer-specific technique training to eventually playing soccer

Completely Free

This eBook is absolutely free. Use it for your coaching sessions, we hope it helps you to improve your players!

The aim of every children’s soccer division should be not to win games, but to develop and promote every player. Every child is equally important!

Youth Soccer is not Adult Soccer

Unfortunately, youth coaches are all too often judged by how many games their players win, by whether they rank high in the standings or win championships.

This is reinforced by the expectations of parents, who hope to see their children win. Taking adult soccer as their model, parents often transpose its standards, objectives and methods onto children’s and youth soccer.

Youth Soccer

Objectives of Youth Soccer

We consider the following, the primary objectives of children’s soccer

  • Share the excitement of soccer with children!
  • Offer children a well-rounded basic athletic training program.
  • lnclude both challenges and encouragement in your program.
  • Give children guidance on and off the field. Children’s development- not just athletic development, but general personal development- should be a major focus for responsible youth coaches.

In this eBook we will give you guidelines for practice, match play and player guidance!

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