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Dynamic Soccer Training: 3 vs. 3 Mini-Goals and 8 vs. 8 Pressure Play

These two soccer drills focus on enhancing players’ tactical awareness and defensive skills. The first drill, a 3 vs. 3 game with a neutral player and mini-goals, emphasizes quick decision-making and defensive adaptability. The second drill, an 8 vs. 8 game, concentrates on building, defending, and applying pressure effectively to prevent the opposition from entering the scoring zone. Both drills aim to develop players’ abilities to read the game, organize defensive lines, and apply high pressure in critical situations.

Both drills are from the book “Pressing – Games” by Steven Turek, now available in our store!

Pressing – Games

35 effective drills focused on pressing and counter-pressing, inspired by successful teams like FC Barcelona, FC Liverpool, and those coached by Mourinho and Simeone.

  • Straightforward coaching tips and game principles, aiming to enhance players’ skills in high-intensity play
  • 64 Pages, 35 Practices, Level: U11-PRO

Soccer Drill – 3 + 3 vs. 3 – Defending Lines

Soccer Drill - 3 + 3 vs. 3 - Defending Lines

Organisation & Procedure
A 3 against 3 game is organized with an additional neutral player in the field. Each team has its own feeder positioned outside the field. The mini-goals come into play when one of the outer feeders receives a pass and takes a direct shot on a mini-goal. Nevertheless, the feeders have more than one ball contact but must play the ball back into the field after receiving it. The neutral player is on the team in possession. No duels take place outside the field between the feeders.

Coaching Points & Tips

  • When a pass is played to a feeder, defending becomes significantly more challenging for that brief moment, as, in addition to the actual opponents, the mini-goals also need to be defended.
  • Defenders must recognize whether the outer feeder takes a direct shot or makes another touch, allowing the focus to shift back to defending the direct opponents.

8 vs. 8 – Building, Defending & Altering Lines + Applying Pressure

8 vs. 8 – Building, Defending & Altering Lines + Applying Pressure

Organisation & Procedure
A playing field is set up across the entire width between both penalty areas. In front of each goal, a zone 10 meters deep is marked. If the team in possession manages to penetrate into the respective offensive zone, they are allowed to shoot freely at the goal without defensive pressure.

Coaching Points & Tips

  • This game format eliminates the defending team’s ability to defend goals ultimately through man-marking or blocking.
  • The defending team must prevent the team in possession from entering the scoring zone early on by applying high pressure and cleverly organizing defensive lines.
  • As a variation, the defending team could be allowed to let one or two defenders enter the last zone.
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