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Transition Play like Liverpool FC – 4 vs 4

The following soccer drill, observed during a Liverpool FC practice session, is perfect for helping your players transition from one phase of play to another!

From a coaching perspective, this drill emphasizes the importance of quickly introducing a new ball into play, leveraging a temporary numerical advantage. It encourages rapid counterattacks, particularly along the wings, facilitated by the placement of balls on the outer edges of the field.

Soccer Drill Quick Transitioning

Transition Play like Liverpool FC


Balls are draped on the cones marking the field. If a ball exits the field, the player, who had his last touch on it, must get it. In the meantime, the ball possessing team opens the play with a random ball. The empty cone is refilled with the first ball and the player reenters the play.


The players are compelled to enter a new ball into the play as fast as possible to take advantage of the short termed favorable ratio. The counterattacks are primarily driven over the wings, since the new balls are located on the outsides. The exploitation of flat and sharp crosses as well as the entering behavior into the box is trained.


The coach decides in case of a lost ball, which one the new ball is (color of  the cone). 

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