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Peter Schreiner training seminars in Egypt. A complete success!

From November 25th Until December 3rd, 2021 Peter Schreiner was invited by the Egyptian Sports Association to a series of seminars in Egypt. There he carried out a two-day training seminar in Alexandria and Cairo.

The subject of the training over a total of 12 hours was: “The goal shot training system – how to become a top scorer“.

Peter Schreiner was supported by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hussein who did not only translate, but also provided the perfect support during the visit.

Further collaboration between the Institute for Youth-Soccer and the Egyptian Sports Association

Based on the great success of the two day seminars, Peter Schreiner, the Institute for Youth-Soccer and the Egyptian Sports Association have agreed to deepen their cooperation in the future!

Handshake for a good collaboration: Dr. Fatah Neda (President of the Egyptian Sports Association and Peter Schreiner)

Training in Cairo

from Left to Right: Translator Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, General secretary Dr. Jamal Muhammad Ali and Peter Schreiner during the training in Cairo

Training in Alexandria

The 40 participants in Alexandria were fully concentrated in the 6 hours of theory per day. Many game scenes from the Champions League and training videos always motivated the participants to actively take part in the seminar. Giving each coach more than enough material and ideas to try in their own clubs.

In Alexandria there were 3 groups with a total of one trainer and 50 trainers, here group 1.

Great media coverage

Peter Schreiner gave several interviews to different broadcasters in Egypt. The focus was on the cooperation between the Institute for Youth Football and the Egyptian Sports Association and the training of Egyptian coaches.

Here, shortly before his departure, Peter Schreiner gave a lecture to the coaches of his basic course for Egyptian football coaches, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hussein helped with the translation.

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