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Advanced coaching seminar with Peter Schreiner and Athanasios Terzis at Red Star Belgrade

From 31 January to 2 February, Peter Schreiner was in Belgrade together with Athansios Terzis for a seminar series in English. The highlight was the practical demonstrations with the U19 of Red Star Belgrade.

Athanasios Terzis, Peter Schreiner, Dusan Rakic

Peter Schreiner:

  1. 1st theory 1: Training system for goal kicking in 8 steps.
  1. theory 2: individual training for strikers through rondos with shooting at goals
  2. practice: individual training for strikers – application in game forms on 1 goal and on 2 goals

    Athanasios Terzis:

    Theory 1: How to penetrate the opponent’s lines with 1-4-3-3
    (based on the tactics of Guardiola, Klopp, Nagelsmann ans Sarri)
    Theory 2: Defending in medium or low block with 1-4-4-2
    (based on the tactics of Diego Simeone with Atletico Madrid)

    Practice: Playing between the lines  

    Peter Schreiner

    Theory 01 – Training system for goal kicking in 8 steps

    In a 90-minute introductory lecture, Peter Schreiner presented a training system for strikers in 8 stages from U7 to professional. He showed numerous training videos with players of different ages.

    Theory 2: Individual Training for Strikers

    In his second lecture, Peter Schreiner presented his ideas on individual training for strikers. The main topics were an analysis of the top goal scorers in Europe and the 8 goal scoring categories.

    Practice – Examples of Individual Training with Offensive Players

    In practice, Peter Schreiner demonstrated competitions in the penalty area and in the double 16 with the U19 of Red Star Belgrade, who were highly motivated and concentrated. Detail coaching was particularly important, with which players gradually improve their behaviour.

    Welcome and information on the practical demonstration

    Detail coaching is very important in all forms of play! Coaches need to know a lot in order to see a lot and then correct it in a targeted way. Only in this way will the players improve in every training session.

    Form of the game 4 vs. 2 with field changes and goal kicking

    Form of the game 5 vs. 3 with field changes and goal kicking

    Coaches and players were in a good mood – weather good, players good and training very effective!

    After the session there was a lot of applause for the players and the presenter.

    Coaches and demonstration team of the U19 of Red Star Belgrade with Peter Schreiner

    Peter Schreiner with the coaching team of the U19 of Red Star Belgrade 

    Theory with Athanasios Terzis

    Theory 1: Athansios Terzis

    Theory 2 – Athansios Terzis

    Practice: Athanasios Terzis

    Endless form in 3 variations on the theme: Play between the chains

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