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Goal Analysis: France vs Argentina

France against Argentina a fast-paced game with many – partially – brilliant goals. Let’s take a look behind the scenes of the seven goals.

France – Argentina 4:3

1:0 – Antoine Griezmann (P)

Of course a rather wild scene with brutal individual quality. Nevertheless, one can briefly talk about the position of Tagliafico. At no time of this possession he is playable (even if a pass is rather unrealistic). He can take a more central position and thus secure more effectively (just as soon as the situation on the ball becomes confusing and a ball loss is likely). The ball passes through detours to Mbappe and off goes the wild ride. Antoine Griezmann sinks the later penalty.

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1:1 – Angel Di Maria

A good example of how incredibly small the details are that lead to goals. The ball is on the Argentine wing. France completes a three-on-three, secured by Kante and also outnumbers for a cross in the center. Mbappe stands higher. Defensively, each player has to ask himself at any time – depending on the situation on the ball – who is the biggest threat to his own goal. So if Mbappe falls a bit, he closes the pass route to Di Maria and thus prevents a long-range shot, which of course you do not want to see prevented as a neutral spectator.

1:2 – Gabriel Mercado

A goal for free kick and the eternal question whether you cover spaces or opponents. Basically, this depends very much on your own and your opponents and their qualities. Not for nothing, there are many own coaches for corners, free kicks, etc. Basically, a man’s orientation causes chaos, especially in a second ball situation. A chaos that does not arise when the space is covered. For this it lacks responsibility from time to time. You can not have everything…

2:2 – Benjamin Pavard

We exclude Messi’s lack of defending at the beginning of the scene and focus on the behavior of Gabriel Mercado. At the beginning, he orients himself to Griezmann, who virtually takes him inside. He hands Griezmann to the next row, but does not adjust his position again. If there is no opponent in his room, he can defend pass lanes. The ball is at Pogba, who can continue the game exclusively (if he wants to be dangerous) on the right side. Neither Mercado nor Pavon get the pass and France is just behind the chain. France brings two players into the box and two more to the penalty area. Pavard makes the way, his opponent does not and will be rewarded with the next dream goal.

3:2 – Kilian Mbappe

This time we do not exclude Messi. Defending constantly at nine against ten inevitably creates problems. The ball goes into the half-space, Messi does not cut off and thus allows possible passes in the middle. Away from the ball players didn’t move far enough to defend pass lanes into the depth or to produce pressure from the game direction. The ball goes to the center and the players of the former ball side attack the depth (this is possible because Pogba has no pressure from his playing direction). Thus, the wing is pulled free in such a way that even a bad pass is dangerous. The winger slept for a second and the ball goes through. Mercado finds himself in no man’s land (he can neither help outside, nor defend inside, because the flank just flies over him). France shows more conviction and even brings an excess number in the box, while Argentina looks and leaves. So they had to watch as Mbappe scored his first goal.

4:2 – Kilian Mbappe

Mbappe gets going and scores his second goal. Argentina tries to press the ball in front in a two against four. This is not only difficult for mathematicians in general, but also more of a problem if no #6 complies and at least with a vertical pass creates a three to four. If you defend consistently in pairs, you can only do so by running by passes and never pressing the goalkeeper. That’s exactly what happens and the field is open. After that, Matuidi’s position is paramount. He stands exactly at the height of the midfield line of Argentina and exactly between the #6 and winger and so binds both (the same happens a line further ahead, so that even from the direction can not come pressure). Argentina closes no pass to the center and gets the ball right there. A center-back is pulled out, Matuidi keeps his movement and then you can only pray against France … Mbappe scores.

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4:3 – Sergio Aguero

The end of the game is Aguero’s goal shortly before the end. The ball is shifted to the right side, Kante sinks far too far, although no opponent is in his back. He could stand higher, put pressure on Messi earlier and avoid a flank. The ball comes exactly between two Frenchmen, where Aguero enters and scores.

An analysis by Steven Turek

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