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Building Speed of Play in a Double 4v4

Many coaches associate the 4 vs 4 drill with youth soccer. A clear situation, a close distance towards the goal and many ball touches are only a few of the advantages.

Therefore, the 4 vs 4 provides a handful of benefits. Due to the increased number of obstacles within the field, this exercise is more complex than the regular 11 vs 11.

Paths must be timed better and passes should be played more precisely and harder. This drill demands a high level of attention from each player, because they have to observe the complete pitch, their teammates, the opponents, and the the other two teams.

Creative Drills and Competitions

eBook – Creative Drills & Competitions

30 Variations to perform a 4 vs 4.

  • 10 drills for all phases of the game (ball possession, transition phase, ball possession of the opponent)
  • 10 drills to vary the level of difficulty
  • 10 attractive competitions – score goals and withstand pressure

Soccer Drill: Full House

two plays in one field for 18 players


Two plays take place in one field. In the example above, red plays against yellow and simultaneously blue against orange. Thus, each goalkeeper plays with two teams at the same time.


The players shall consider and make use of the disruptions taking place. 


The fixtures change with a command of the coach or after a successful finish  on the goal. 

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