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Soccer Training DVD: Modern Youth Training – Ages 5-6

Soccer Training DVD

Soccer Training DVD

Playing and Practicing with Five- to Six-Year-Olds

Author: Gerd Bode and Ralf Peter
Language: English
Length: 102 minutes
Size: 4:3 – PAL
Price: 29.00 €

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Building blocks for play session

  • General movement training
  • Soccer-oriented movement training
  • Playing soccer

Indoor play session: The elephant story

  • Free/play introduction/welcome
  • Movement game: Find a friend
  • Movement game: Baby elephant tag
  • Elephant gymnastics
  • Movement/ball training: Fire, water, storm
  • Motivational game: Run for cover!
  • Obstacle course rotation
  • Tricks with balloons
  • Shooting at mats
  • Concluding game 2 v. 2/3 v. 3 on small goals
  • Closing ritual: “We are the champions”

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Outdoor play session: Giants and Dwarves

  • Introduction/free play
  • General movement exercises: Running and jumping over vests
  • Dwarf tricks with vests
  • Movement game: Stealing the giant´s treasure
  • Back-and-forth vest relay
  • Movement training with the ball: Dwarf tricks
  • Movement game: Tag the giant
  • Shooting game: Moving goals
  • Goal rotation
  • Age-appropriate game 4 + 1 v. 5 + 1
  • Concluding game: Goal monster

Creating play sessions

  • Indoor play sessions
  • Outdoor play sessions

The role of the coach

  • The coach’s job
  • Player guidance: Problems and how to solve them
  • Working with parents

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