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DFB DVD Series: Modern Defending 1-3:

Tactics Series Modern Defending with DFB coach and educator Ralf Peter. Perfect presented by the German National Team (U16, U17).

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DVD Sets Part 1 – Modern Defending (1) – Individual Defense Tactics
1 v. 1 defense (defender facing attacker), the role of individual tactics in the playing system,
1 v. 1 defense (attackers back to defender), 1 v. 2 defense.

Part 2 – Modern Defending (2) – Group Defense Tactics
2 v. 3 attackers outnumber defenders, 2 v. 1 defenders outnumber attacker, 2 v. 2 equal number of attackers and defenders.

Part 3 – Modern Defending (3) – Team Defense Tactics
Introducing the back four system, Playing with a 4-3-3 system, Playing with a 3-5-2 system.

This DVD series shows you how to teach a ball-oriented defensive concept on the basis of comprehensive individual and group defensive tactics training. While the method shown here uses a playing system with a back four, it can be applied to other systems as well.

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