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DVD Coordination Training, Agility & Speed Training

60041_Coordination1_2_EN_3dCoordination Training

The DVD Coordination Training, Agility & Speed Training contains 2 videos.


Covers running and jumping coordination, coordinative warming-up and theory coordination.


Covers covers coordination for advanced reaction and speed of action complex coordination training.

Languages: German + English

Length: about 115 minutes

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Order in Soccer Webshop!

Coordination and the nervous system

Soccer players should learn as early as possible to move their bodies precisely in a wide variety of ways. The more varied their childhood experience of movement, the better they can control their muscles with the help of the nervous system.
“Young players with good coordination can perform better at soccer than others who have the same or even slightly better conditional potential. Only soccer players with well developed coordination skills can translate their conditional capabilities optimally into corresponding performances.”

Running Coordination for Soccer Players


Modern soccer is characterized by its high tempo. To play soccer successfully, players must react faster than ever when they receive the ball, as well as making frequent sudden changes of direction, sprints into free space and instant switches from defense to attack. The demands on soccer players are so great that special and systematic training of their running coordination, especially their running technique and rhythm, appears essential.

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