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Soccer Training DVD: Modern Defending – Part 2 – Group Tactics

Soccer Training DVD Defense 2
Soccer Training DVD Defense 2

Soccer Training DVD

Group Defense Tactics

In this series we show a systematic method of teaching ball-oriented defense, foccusing on: tactical sequences in detail, recognizing and correcting mistakes, and relevant exercises.

Building on individual defensive training, the next critical step forward toward ball-oriented defense is to learn defensive tactics for groups of two, three and four. Outnumbering your opponents near the ball is the ultimate goal of ball-oriented defense.

Author: Ralf Peter
Language: English
Length: 55 minutes
Size: 4:3 – NTSC
Price: 24.95 €

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  • 2 v. 3 attackers outnumber defenders
  • 2 v. 1 defenders outnumber attacker
  • 2 v. 2 equal number of attackers and defenders
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