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Soccer DVDs: BallKoRobics (Soccerobics)


Soccer DVDs – Fitness Training


Part 1 Soccerobics (Englisch)
Part 2 Basics (German)
Part 3 Advanced (German)
Part 4 Warming-up (German)

Author: Peter Schreiner

All the exercises on this DVD for coordination and agility training include the use of a ball.

Peter Schreiner and his players show hundreds of exercises to develop rhythm and coordination combined with touch and soccer techniques, feeling the ball, concentrating on accuracy and balance, while subtly strengthening the legs and feet and developing endurance.
The exercises can be used in large groups, individually, in two`s or three`s and done with or without music, in a gym or on the field.
Each exercise is clearly demonstrated by boys and girls and members of the German Women`s National Team. Players of all levels will enjoy this excellent warm up workout which is equally useful for teams and individuals.
Excellent soccer workout

Length: 200 Minutes

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Order Now in Soccer-Webshop!

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