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Seminar for 30 coaches from Red Star Belgrade with Peter Schreiner and George Berneanou

Monday, October 11th, 2021: Theory in the press room of Red Star Belgrade.

Dragan Mladenovic (Director of Red Star Academy), Peter Schreiner, Nikola Jelic (Head Coach of Red Star Academy), George Berneanou (Goalkeeper Coach).

Peter Schreiner presents the topic in his usual relaxed and entertaining way:

“Playing between the lines and creating shooting options”.

The seminar was perfectly prepared by Dusan Rakic

Peter Schreiner, Dusan Rakic (Organizer of the seminar, Scout at Red Star Academy), George Berneanou.

Practice demonstration with the U19 from Red Star Belgrade

After the theory, Peter Schreiner presented training forms in 90 minutes on the topic: “Open and use rooms and create goalscoring opportunities“.

The demonstration group was the U19 from Red Star Belgrade, who acted highly motivated and focused.

On Tuesday the topic was:

“Individual training for strikers, precision when shooting at goal speed and shooting at goal under time and opponent pressure.”

The coaches and Dragan Mladenovic (Head Coach of Red Star Academy) followed Peter Schreiner’s lecture very closely and then asked interesting questions.

George Berneanou presented his project “Integration of the goalkeeper into team training”.

Practical session on the subject of “Precision when shooting at goal”

Here is an endless form on the subject: Shot on goal from close range (“Messi position”)

This is an endless form on the subject: Shot on goal from a greater distance (“Robben position”)

The U14 of Roter Stern Belgrade shows a very high precision when shooting on goal and quickly implemented the technique of the “Robben position”.

The seminar ended with a visit to the international match:

Serbia versus Azerbaijan (3-1).

The people in charge of Red Star Belgrade and the trainers were so enthusiastic about the seminar that a continuation is planned for January 2020.

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