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Brazilian Soccer Academy Vol 1&2 - PrintedBRAZILIAN SOCCER ACADEMY VOL 1&2


From Street Soccer to Professional Soccer

Brazilian’s are well known for developing their incredible creativity and flair through countless hours of street soccer games organized by the players themselves and far away from the structure and influence of teams, leagues and coaches.

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Only after this rich street soccer experience will the child learn the techniques and tactics from professional clubs. They will also learn discipline in training and practicing the fundamentals of their position. This sequence beginning with a fun and creative atmosphere and later moving to a structured and professional environment is critical in the emergence of Brazilian soccer stars.

The goal of the Brazilian Soccer Academy – Combo is to demonstrate how the Brazilian training methods can create great results by following an educational curriculum including specific and adapted sessions focusing on the Competitive phase of development. This curriculum will show, in detail, how the top Brazilian Youth Academies develop the U13 to U18 age group training with a strong influence from Futsal (5v5), educational small-sided games and 11 v 11 game conditions focusing on the 4-4-2 formation with a diamond midfield as well as defensive and offensive variations.

Brazilian Soccer Academy – Combo, which includes Volume I and II, is organized so that you can see what a Brazilian team does for each of their weekly training sessions. This insight allows you to not only see which drills and exercises are used but how they are placed within an overall cycle of training. More than 100 easy-to-read diagrams illustrate each session along with detailed explanations of the set-up, player movements and important coaching points.

Author, Eduardo Andriatti Paulo has coached professional youth clubs in Brazil including Ituano FC and Inter Club Korea. Paulo has also coached and lectured on the Brazilian Methodology in Guatemala, Canada, Bermuda, Nigeria and many other countries. He is currently the Educational Director of Futebol Brazil System and coach with the Westfield Soccer Association and the Summit Soccer Association in New Jersey.

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