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Soccer Drills: Passing and Support in a Triangle

Short Range Passing and Angles of Support

Goal: This soccer passing drill focuses on developing short range one-touch passing and practising combinations and functional passing technique.



Equipment and players are arranged as shown. Players change their positions continuously following their passes. Perform the exercises to both sides.


This soccer pasing drill focuses on one-touch passing and short range passes. Combinations and wall passes of two players. Two variations can be seen.

Soccer Passing Exercise 1


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Soccer Passing Exercise 2


Coaching Points

  • Use both feet to pass
  • Heads up
  • Lock the ankle
  • Movements without ball, supporting angles
  • Weight of passes is vital
  • Change pace after passing the ball
  • Take care of extra balls
  • Perform the exercises to both directions

Number of players: 5 – Time: 15 min – Intensity: 60-70 %


  • Balls: 1
  • Sticks: 5

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