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Online-Book Pressing in Soccer

Pressing in Soccer - Ralf Peter (DFB)Pressing in Soccer: Basics– Details – Training Sessions

Author: Ralf Peter
Format: eBook
Pages: 114
Graphics: 83 (coloured)
Photos: 12 (coloured)

In his Online-Seminars „Zonal Defending“ (Ralf Peter) there was often the question: “Can we get this excellent content as an E-Book with more details?”




Introduction of the Topic

  • Basic strategies
  • Defining Pressing
  • What to consider with regards to Pressing?
  • Types of Pressing

Midfield Pressing – The Most Common Type of Pressing
High Pressure
Low Pressure
Basics on Pressing

  • Where to win the Ball
  • How is Pressing applied?
  • Attackers defending
  • System of Play
  • Tactical behaviour of two Forwards? How can they work together?
  • What is effective?
  • Through Ball
  • Pressure – Cover
  • Approach – Deny – Force
  • Putting opponents under pressure when receiving the ball
  • Angled approach
  • Options of Wide Midfielders
  • Delaying an opponent
  • Approaching an opponent
  • Forcing an opponent

Winning the Ball – Analysis and Comparison:

  • Midfield Pressing as the most common type of Pressing
  • Advantages of Midfield Pressing
  • Further considerations
  • Attackers defending on an angle
  • Attackers not positioned too far advanced
  • Keeping central areas compact
  • Showing inside or outside?
  • „Showing inside“
  • Starting points of Pressing situations
  • Doubling-up after receiving the ball
  • Approaching the Fullback
  • Doubling-up in central areas
  • Doubling-up with tactical perfection
Errors on Midfield Pressing
  • Forward‘s position too far advanced
  • Both Forwards level
  • Wide Midfielder‘s position too far inside
  • Wide Midfielder‘s position too far outside
  • Wide Midfielder‘s position too far advanced
  • Wide Midfielder’s position too deep
  • Closest Forward should apply pressure
  • Wide Midfielder being impatient
  • Tactical behaviour of the furthest Wide Midfielder
  • Escaping the Pressing situation
  • Showing outside
  • Options against this type of Midfield Pressing
  • Approach on an angle
  • Doubling-up
  • Detailed tactical behaviour
  • Holding Midfielder’s position too far inside
  • Fullback’s position too far inside
  • Closest Fullback’s position too close to the opposing Wide Midfielder
  • Poor tactical positioning of the closest Centre Back
Game Situations and Solutions Against
Midfield Pressing
  • Good tactical behaviour of Centre Backs
  • The attacking team escaping Pressing situations
  • Dropping off as a tactical element

Training Sessions on Midfield Pressing
Training recommendations on „Showing Inside“ when Pressing in Midfield
TS 01: 3 v 4 on the flanks – „Showing Inside“
TS 02: 4 v 3 on the flanks (both sides) – „Showing Inside“
TS 03: Midfield Pressing in a 6 v 6
TS 04: 4 v 3 – Midfield Pressing „Showing Outside“
TS 05: 4 v 3 – Midfield Pressing „Showing Outside“ (both sides)
TS 06: 4 v 5 – Midfield Pressing „Showing Outside“ – both sides (2)
TS 06: 2 v 1 – Doubling-Up in central areas
TS 07: 2 v 3 – Doubling-Up with Holding Midfielder and Attacking Midfielder
TS 08: 2 v 3 using the double-18 yard box
TS 09a: 2 v 1 using the double-18 yard box (1)
TS 09b: 2 v 1 using the double-18 yard box (2)
TS 10: 3 v 2 using the double-18 yard box
TS 11: 3 v 2 on both sides
TS 12: 4 v 3 on one half of the field (both sides)
TS 13: 8 v 8 – Teaching Midfield Pressing


High Pressure (Forechecking)
Low Pressure
Training Sessions on Low Pressure:

TS Low Pressure 1:

  • 8 v 8 with two dribble-gates and one pass-gate (Mini goal)
  • Simulation of passing into Forwards

TS Low Pressure 2:

  • 8 v 8 + 1 with limited passing options
  • Long balls into Forwards


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