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Pressing in Soccer With Provocative Rule

All about Pressing in Soccer – Drill 64

Drill goal and focus: practice and improvement of immediate ultraoffensive pressing



  1. The drill takes place from the extended penalty area all the way to the center line.
  2. We place a portable goal on the center line.
  3. We divide the playing area into three equal horizontal zones.
  4. he team practice the 5v5 situation with two goalkeepers and two neutral players located next to the playing area at the level of the center zone.


  1. The team practice a free 5v5 situation on the marked area.
  2. The neutral players, who play on one touch, assist the offensive team.
  3. When the offensive team loses the ball in the center or attacking zone, the neutral players run into the playing area to assist the defense team that lost ball to recover it as soon as possible.
  4. When the team lose the ball in their own defensive zone at the beginning of the action, they are not allowed to switch to defensive stage but must let the opponent finish the attack.


  1. The number of players and the playing area can be increased.
  2. The drill is performed on two touches.


  1. The rules of this drill induce immediate ultraoffensive pressing because they force the players to switch from defensive to center or attacking zone as quick as possible.
  2. It is very disadvantageous to lose the ball in the defensive zone.
  3. Even the loss of the ball outside the defensive zone can prevent a potential threat because the outnumbering team can recover the ball very quickly.There is the possibility to
  4. execute some passes intentionally incorrect to the back followed by an outnumbering pressing.

All about Pressing in Soccer
History. Theory. Practice

Authors: Laco Borbély, Peter Ganczner, Jaroslav Hřebík, Andi Singer
Pages: 400
Graphics and Photos: 450

All About Pressing in Soccer provides a detailed look at the history, theory, and practice of pressing in soccer. With this comprehensive resource, the coach and player will improve their understanding of the game, making them stronger and more successful as a coach or player.

Beginning with a look at the history of pressing, the reader will gain background knowledge crucial for understanding the theory behind pressing, which is presented in the following section. Once the reader understands the why and the how of pressing, he will be able to use the practical techniques presented in the third section.

With this book, the reader, whether a coach or a player, will have all the tools necessary to implement a strong pressing tactic in the game, giving them that necessary edge over their opponents. .

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