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Soccer Tactics: Practices For Midfield Pressing In Soccer

Soccer Tactics: Practice Ideas For Midfield Pressing in Soccer

The following practices allow the team to work on and improve various tactical postures. At first, we are interested that the coach is able to systematically and in small groups improve various elements of pressing, such as double-teaming, approach-runs, pressuring, and channeling.
The following practice examples simulate real game situations as they include “active” opponents and take place in realistic playing areas, just like on the real field. In the second part, there will be practices with details of pressing but without the real-game conditions of part one.

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Practice 01: 3 v 4 “In the Inside Corridor – Channeling Toward the Inside”


To improve the defensive approach run, the challenge/pressure, and the channeling to the inside as well as double-teaming in central areas.
Soccer Tactics: Drill for Pressing in Soccer
Soccer Tactics: Drill for Pressing in Soccer


Restricted playing area; for the team with the ball there is a small passing gate (yellow cones, 1-2 yards apart), as well as a larger “dribble-gate” (orange cones, about 10 yards apart)


  • Keeper passes to central defender who has to extend to outside defender
  • Outsider defender combines with the #6 to score a goal, either through the passing gate or the dribble-gate
  • The team that is pressing has a #6, an attacking player ( a #10) as well is a wing midfielder
  • The second attacker (a #9) only presses the central defender, he does nothing else right now. Just as the red central defender, he will become active again when his team wins the ball
  • After the initiation by the keeper, the outside midfield player forechecks the wing defender in such a way that the latter cannot pass through the yellow passing gate. This way, the midfield player practices his approach run and closing down the outside lane
  • As soon as the wing-player gets the ball, the #10 is allowed to enter the field, starting from the blue cone. If the opposing #6 receives the ball, this wing defender and his own
  • #6 can create a defensive 2 v 1 situation
  • After winning the ball, they attack the large goal involving all their players, resulting in a 4 v 3 for this group with the ball.




Practice 07:  2 v3   -Double-Teaming by the #6 and the #10

Objective: Practicing double-teaming in a central area.
Double-Teaming in Soccer
Double-Teaming in Soccer


Playing area is the “double penalty box”. Possibly smaller depending on the players’ level; 2 teams; 2 regulation-size goals; 2 yellow, 2 red, 2 orange, and 2 blue cones on the sides for orientation.


  • The players at the yellow cone pass to their team-mates in the area. The two defenders try to win the ball by double-teaming. -After winning the ball, they finish with a shot on goal.
  • The striker attempts to shoot on goal if he retains possession
  • The second defending player starts level with the red and blue cone
  • After the pass, the server (passing is a must!) can get involved and help his team-mate.
  • The player at the orange cone (the outside midfielder in this case) joins the action also. This way, the attack is executed at a ratio of 2 to 3 (the outside defender and the #6 attack; the outside midfielder, the #6, and the striker defend)
  • Joint double-teaming by #6 and #10 is being practiced here. Also, the defensive behavior on the part of the outside midfielder in pressing situations is also schooled.


Pressing in Soccer
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