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Fundamental Attacking Strategies – Match Situation (p.21)

#10 received the ball in an open position. #6 followed him and is able to mark him. #3 positions high and thus, binds #8. #8 positions centrally between #10 (who probably secures the chain) and #7 (who needs to pay attention to a shift of the play to #2). #8 is additionally able to run into the vertical gap. #11 serves as a vertical passing option in the gap between #8 and #6. Both center backs #5 and #4 insure ball possession and serve as additional open men. The position of the ball-distant wing-back #2 depends on the detailed situation on the ball. If #10 is in possession without any pressure, #2 could position higher for a possible shift of the play. If #10 orientates to the ball-near wing or gets into a pressure-situation, #2 moves inwards and thus, is able to additionally prevent a possible counterattack.

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Cover-Soccer-tactic-1-1200German Top Level Tactics

Part 1: Fundamental Attacking Strategies

– Tactical Principles
– Analysis of Situations in the Game
– A Variety of Practices and How to Coach Them

Author: Steven Turek (with help and prologue by Ralf Peter)
Edited by Peter Schreiner
Translated by: Tjorben Becker
Editor: Institute of Youth soccer, Essen, Germany (

Dear Coaching-Colleagues,ralf-peter-600

the soccer-game today is as seen from a defensive point of view, shaped by the ball-orientated defending. The defensive chain of four players is not even in the lower leagues a sensation anymore. Spaces to play shrink and thus, the attacking play is made more difficult. Therefore, it is important to create strategies against tight defensive formations. But even sophisticated attacking strategies only function if certain fundamental principles are well developed. Eminently important for this purpose is it to cleverly open and use spaces and passing-lanes. This includes individual technical skills and abilities as well as a developed and aligned group-tactical behavior.

The idea behind this eBook: Based on definite match-situations, solutions will be presented which can be trained in small groups as well as in a complex exercise.

I came to know Steven Turek as a young talented coach. It was my pleasure to help him converting the idea and accompanying him with the creation of this eBook. It contains and provides knowledge of tactical analyses and attractive exercises usable for coaches of all levels.

We hope that the eBook contributes to the improvement of your team’s performance.

Enjoy reading and wishes

Ralf Peter

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