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Improve Your Passing Accuracy With This Through Passing Soccer Drill

In this exercise, players will learn to vary the accuracy of their passing. This promotes the interaction from defense to the strikers. A sharply played ball is played back to a teammate (Through Passing), who then passes the ball into the running lane of another player.

Through Pass Soccer Drill


Rectangle 15x30m (depending on the age and ability of the players), 12 players, 4 cones, possibly dummies


  1. A passes to B and sprints towards E.
  2. B passes sharp to C and takes the position of A.
  3. C drops the ball to D
  4. D passes sharp to E.
  5. E passes back to A and heads towards F.
  6. A passes directly to F and runs to position E.
  7. F drops the ball to E and sprints towards I.
  8. E passes sharply to G and moves to position F.
  9. G drops the ball to H.
  10. H passes sharp to I.
  11. I drops the ball F.
  12. F passes diagonally to B, who has taken the position of A. Etc.


  1. The exercise starts simultaneously with 2 balls at position A and F.
  2. The two players in the middle (C and D and G and H) change position after each pass.
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