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3 Great Soccer Drills for U10 Players

Today we will take a look at three great warm up soccer drills for U10 teams. All three exercises are easy to organize and do not overwhelm the players with to many instructions!

Should the Kids Do Exercises or Play Games?

In order to get children up to the age of 12 used to training, mini games are
certainly the best option. However, warm-up exercises are also justified if they
are used sensibly and in a dosed manner.

When organizing warm-up exercises, the coach should pay attention to the following points:

  1. As many players as possible are moving.
  2. Many balls are used.
  3. The warm-up exercise should be quick to set up, take up little space and
    require little material.
  4. Frequently, the following training equipment is used: Cones and jerseys in
    different colors, many balls (usually one ball per player).
  5. Warm-up exercises should physically and mentally prepare for the
    main part of the training. In addition to running, dribbling and passing,
    concentration, perception and timing are important in many exercises.
  6. However, when warming up/tuning in the players, the coach should
    choose exercises that are very easy to organize and peform by the players.
    He should correct and interrupt as little as possible.

Do not overwhelm your players with too many instructions. Give them a helpful feedback and organize correction exercises – Horst Wein


3 Great Warm-Up Soccer Excersises for U10 Teams


U10 Soccer DrillsOrganization

In a field of 20m x 25m, set up different colored cones freely in space. The coach
gives each player a number.


  • The players dribble around the rectangle (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • In the picture, the coach calls “8 Blue”, the player with number 8 dribbles to
    the blue conr in the rectangle and does a given technical task.
  • Then he dribbles around the rectangle again.
  • The coach quickly calls other players into the middle

Every color has its own task

  • Blue is the scissor with right
  • Orange is the scissor with left
  • Yellow is sidestep
  • Red is quick change of direction with the inside and so on

Coaching Tip

  • The coach can freely and creatively set the tasks according to the skill of
    the players.

Wall Play in an Eight

U10 Soccer DrillsOrganization

Build a square with cones 10-12 meters apart and in the middle a gate (distance 2
meters). Form 4 groups, two groups face each other respectively, 12 players max.


  • A passes through the two bars.
  • B drops one-touch to A, on the left side with left, one the right side with right.
  • A passes to C.
  • B runs diagonally to the other side.
  • Now C passes to D (the same procedure).

Coaching Tip

  • Drop the ball with the correct foot.
  • Passing with the inside
  • The focus in this exercise is precise passing and dropping oft he ball.
  • Start off the exercise with throws to learn the paths.

Square and Four Groups

U10 Soccer DrillsOrganization

Build up a square, 8m x 8m to 12m x 12m, divide players into four groups, 12 – 20
players, each pair has a ball.


  • Opposing groups always start simultaneously and dribble / run in pairs
    towards each other. They do different tasks with one ball.
  • When the players have arrived at the opposite or their own lines, the other
    two groups start.
  • At the beginning, the coach gives the start signal (optically, acoustically) and
    later, a player should give the signal.

Possible tasks

  1. Pass to the partner – ball control – dribbling to the other side
  2. Three passes: pass – return pass – pass – ball control – dribbling
  3. Take-over of the ball in the middle, always on the ball side, take over on the
    right with right and take over on the left with left

That concludes our list of three soccer drills for U10 teams. We hope you will enjoy trying some of these out with your team!

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