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Attacking Football – 1 vs 1 Mastery

1 vs 1 in a Running Duel

1 vs 1 in a Running Duel


The players start at the blue marks. The moment the coach introduces a ball, both players sprint towards the ball and try to finish on the goals located respectively on the other side (in the upper illustration, Yellow finishes on the upper and right goal, Red on the lower and left goal). The action is finished when either one of the players scores or more than one transitioning moment occurs.


The players shall intentionally enter the running duel and search for physical contact, even before reaching the ball in order to create an advantage. Through his passing, the coach is able to intentionally give a player an advantage or disadvantage. He is also able to decide if it will be a long running duel or only 2/3 quick steps towards the ball.


1 vs 1 in a Running Duel Variation

The existing organization remains. In this variation, the players start from the opposite side. The coach introduces the ball and both players start into a running duel. Yellow finishes on the upper and right goal and Red on the lower and left mini-goal. In this situation, the players have the additional option to use their bodies in order to let the ball pass through.

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