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Fitness Training for Soccer with Ball and Music

Fitness Training For Soccer

Coordination – Soccer Technique – Fast Footwork:
The Perfect Soccer Workout from Sweden!

Duration: 92 minutes Music-CD: with 35 tracks (65 bpm to 220 bpm)
Format: 4:3 PAL
DVD + Music-CD: 49,90 €
Language: Swedish

The introduction is in Swedish, but the drills expain themselves, perfect demonstation. „Fotbollsworkout“ combines soccer technique with music and is a great fitness training for all sports, specially for soccer.

There are drills for one person, pairs and groups.

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Highly recommended!

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Fitness Training Soccer
Fitness Training Soccer

In modern soccer fitness training is essential.

Players cover 8-12km and more during a match, consisting of 25% walking, 35% jogging, 20% coursing, 12% sprinting, 6% moving backwards and 2% moving whilst in possession of the ball.

How important is the correct type of endurance training in soccer?
What about a new form of fitness training?

Fitness training for soccer with ball and music!

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