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NEW eVideo: Innovative Technical and Creative Training

45601_ITKT 300There is a new eVideo with Matthias Nowak from Bayern Munich (Technical and creative coach)

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Presenter: Matthias Nowak
Director: Peter Schreiner
Lenght: 140 Min

Thematic focuses:

  • Warm-Up of the brain
  • Movement-Tasks in 3 steps
    • In Module 1 Matthias Nowak presents important movements while standing and without touching the ball, that later in the second and third module will be broadened and modified
    • In Module 2 the focus will lay on movement-tasks while standing with tip- and ball-touches
    • In Module 3, Matthias Nowak shows movement tasks and combinations with ball in forward motion.

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05 600Innovative technical training:

  • New learning and changing routines
  • Hinder routines
  • Break through automatisms
  • Fluent and economic movements
  • Competence of motion – intelligence of motion
  • Variability and creativity instead of automatic acting

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Technical- and creative training:

  • It will be about connecting eye, brain and body. Those (inter-)connections will create a considerable advantage in game. Quick and better perception and with that better decisions that have to be made quickly and rightfully.
  • The innovative technical training will initiate a self-organized process within the players, helping them to create ideal “plans of motion” that will care for the ideal execution of action plans
  • The innovative technical training also creates fluent and economic motions beyond the ideal of the execution of a motion or technique
  • The innovative technical training quickly, efficiently and sustainably solves movement-problems through recoding the memory of motions
  • The players will realize their own body actively. Limiting patterns will be dissolved and new intelligent patterns for more and better plans of motion will be established.
  • You learn through different variations instead of automatization. Through the highest variable access of multiple movement-patterns the attention to tactical guidelines can be increased.
  • The innovative technical training has to be a challenge for the players. It will be about finding a solution for a movement-exercise.

Technical training:

  • Movement coordination with the ball (Knowing about the individuality and variability of motion and technique)
  • Teaching of intelligent motion patterns for a better variety of movements and a better conception of the own body
  • A feel for the ball beyond the ideal (rhythmic connections of movements under the aspect of space, time and dynamics)

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Creative training:

  • Teaching of the executive functions (definition) in football
  • Correlation/ cognition and executive functions
  • Football is “hard brainwork” – a comparison!
  • Different profiles for different positions in the game
  • The best playmaker of the world
  • Game-intelligence tests – do they work?
  • Single-exercises, team-exercises, game types

Matthias Nowak cooperates with the Swedish scientist Torbjörn Vestberg: “Matthias Nowak developed training types that produce perfect results. His eVideo offers the singular opportunity to learn from one of the best technical-coaches of the world.”

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