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U8 Soccer Dribble Game with Numbers

A fun and easy to organize soccer dribbling game for Kids age 8 to 10.

Soccer Dribble GameOrganization
Depending on the number of players, mark a rectangle freely in space (20m x
20m). Post a further cone 1 meter away behind the outer cap. Each player receives
a number, here 1 to 8.


  • All players dribble freely in space and have a number.
  • If the coach calls up the number of a player (here: number 7), the player
    dribbles as fast as possible around a cone he chooses.
  • The other players react as quickly as possible and follow him.
  • The last player back in the field gets a jersey.
  • The first person to have 3 shirts is the “loser” and everyone else is the winner.
  • Two or three series of 5 minutes are possible


  • Players take their ball in the hand and sprint around the cone.
  • The called player dribbles around a cone he chooses. The others have to
    dribble around the diagonally opposite cone.

Coaching Tip

  • Reaction speed and orientation are required.
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