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Be successful in 1 vs 1 Situations and Create goal-scoring Chances

The following two drills are perfect for training the ability to score in challenging situations. The overall goal is to create effective 1 vs 1 situations through strategic offensive and defensive gameplay.

Soccer Drill – Narrow Square With The Back Towards The Goal

In a Narrow Square With The Back Towards The Goal


At the penalty box, a field 10 x 10 m is set up. One defender and one attacker are situated in this box. The attacker is introduced by a pass. His aim is to cross the red line with a dribbling. If he accomplishes this, his is allowed to freely finish on the goal. If the defender gains possession of the ball, he counterattacks on the opposite goal.


The attacker shall mindfully use his body, wind around his opponent if possible or block open his way. If the defender tries to preempt the attacker, the ball is also allowed to be played into the back (no offside-rule). The defender keeps the distance of an arm length. The optimal solution would be the accomplishment of preempting the attacker and winning the ball. If he does not achieve that, he hinders the attacker turning and tries to gain possession of the ball.

Soccer Drill – 8 vs 8 With 1 vs 1 Boxes

8 vs 8 With 1 vs 1 Boxes


From the baseline to just behind the half-line, an 8 vs 8 is played. Beyond that, there are two 1 vs 1 boxes for the offensive team with respectively one player located in (in the illustration red). If one of these players is passed to, only one defender is allowed to enter this box. Goals following an action resulting from one of the boxes count threefold.


The aim is to possibly create optimal 1 vs 1 situations by using effective game strategies (offensive and defensive).


Set up an 1 vs 1 (or 2 vs 1) box in the central area. By doing this, forwards must act with their back towards the goal (Attention: There is only a limited correlation to the real competition in this 1 vs 1!).

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