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Tiqui Taca Soccer Drill for 9 to 12 Players

In this soccer drill, which was recorded at “Schwarz-Weiß Essen” the former club of Oliver Bierhoff and Jens Lehmann, one of the coaches performed a tiqui taca drill for 9 to 12 players.


Tiqui Taca Soccer Drill

What you need: 9 – 12 Players, 4 – 5 balls, 4 cones


  1. From the right corner of the square (length: 12-20 m) player A passes the ball to the center player B.
  2. B drops the ball to A who runs towards him.
  3. A passes to C.
  4. C passes to B.
  5. B passes to D.
  6. D passes to A
  7. A passes back to D and then runs to the center.
  8. D passes into the run of C who dribbles to the starting group on the left side.
  9. D becomes the first and B the second player to receive the ball.
  10. Then the exercise runs on the left side with A as the middle player.

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