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The Thinking player – Drill 08: 2v1 or 1v2

Luca-Bertolini-400Thinking player

The Principles for Decision Making and Alternative Reaction

Drill 08: 2v1 or 1v2

• Defending outnumbered
• Speed of play
• Skills to change the role quickly

Drill 08: 2v1 or 1v2

08 600

Setup: 5 players, 1 goalkeeper, 1 air body, 3 balls, 7 cones, 1 regular goal, 2 mini goals, field 20m x 25m


  1. The player A dribbles among the cones (1) overtaking the air body (2) and shooting on goal (3).
  2. If the player A scores, B passes him the ball from the corner of the side where the airbody was overtaken (4) to play 2 vs 1 (5) against C who starts from the lower cone of the same side.
  3. If the player A misses the shoot (3), the player on the other side (D) passes to E on the lower cone (6) to play 2 vs 1 against A to score in the main goal (7).

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