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Taktifol – The new and affordable tactical tool for soccer coaches


With great success in Germany and all over Europe, Taktifol finally finds its way to the U.S.

Taktifol sheets are a great tool for soccer coaches, with its electrostatic charge that allows you to stick them to any surface, without leaving any trace. You can draw and erase on its dry wipe surface as many times as you need!

A 25-sheet roll lasts an entire season!!

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 01 Taktifol for Coaches

A clear advantage for soccer trainers. Simply tear off a Taktifol sheet, hang it up wherever you want and start the tactics discussion with your team.

 02 Taktifol keeps hanging everywhere

Due to electrostatic charge, Taktifol keeps hanging everywhere and can be removed several times from common surfaces without leaving any trace.

 03 Taktifol – Dry wipe

Dry wipe if you use the Taktistick – Markers. Traces get reduced to a minimum. This way you can give variety to your tactical discussions and you can use every sheet more than once.

 04 Taktifol – easy to handle

Especially at away games Taktifol gives you a lot of advantages. You won’t have to carry a tactic board or deal with the inconvenient handling of stickers and glue sticks.

 05 Taktifol Starter kit soccer $ 45.00.-      1x roll (25 sheets)
1x bag
2x markers (dry wipe)
1x cleaning cloth
For more informations see our internet-shop or call our Hotline: 1-855-500-0056

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United States

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