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Soccer Drill – Training the First Touch of the Wing Back

This soccer drill will help you to train the first touch of the wing back. The wing back shall quickly realize from which direction his opponent approaches in order to mindfully use his first touch just into the other direction.

Soccer Drill Wing Back

ORGANIZATION: At the outside and just behind the half line, a square is set up. The two opposing players position at two different positions (A and B). With the pass from the center back to the wing back, the coach decides which defender will enter the 1 vs 1 duel. The wing back tries to exit the square (only forwards or sideways – not backward), while the defender strives for a win of the ball.

Soccer Drill Variation

soccerdrillfirsttouch2The exact same set up will be organized on the other side. Beyond that, a regular goal will be added to the existing organization. The prior 1 vs 1 duels (A and B prior side) will now in this variation be trained separately from each other. If a wing back achieves to exit the square, he crosses the ball to the forward located in the center (first variation) respectively finishes himself on the regular goal (this variation). In another variation, a counterattacking possibility can be arranged for the opposing players.

This article is taken from the eBook 1vs1 Mastery:

ebook 1v1

In times of systematic and organized offensive- and defensive strategies, players as Messi and Ronaldo become more and more an exception! Reason enough for Steven Turek to elaborate on this fundamental topic in soccer. In ‘1 vs 1 Mastery’, Turek describes different situations of 1 vs 1 duels. Beyond that, he provides for every situation valuable coaching cues for attackers as well as defenders – just another basic principle for Steven Turek ‘Always coach both, the defender and the attacker!’ Furthermore, Turek describes how 1 vs 1 exercises can efficiently be used to also train conditional factors. The main focus, as in all practical training concepts, lays on the practical part over 30 pages with competition-like exercises, detailed coaching cues and many variations!

  • Coaching Points for Attacker and Defender in Various Situations
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