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Soccer Book: Creative and Successful Wing Play

Soccer eBook and Book

Soccer Book: Creative Wing Play
Soccer Book: Creative Wing Play

Wingers: A special kind of player

Young players like Arjen Robben, Robin van Persie or Christiano Ronaldo are causing a new sensation in international soccer. They are perfect examples of the modern outside forward; their exceptional soccer skills enable them to single-handedly win entire games.

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Good crossing can be trained!

David Beckham has logged countless extra hours of practice perfecting his wing attack. It takes constant practice and repetition to achieve his level of technical/tactical perfection.

In this book Sven Hübscher shows how you can train players of any age or ability level to develop the perfect wing attack. Perfectly rendered diagrams (, detailed descriptions and valuable coaching tips will help you understand the practice games and exercises quickly and incorporate them correctly into your own training program.

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