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Soccer Book: Periodization Fitness Training

A Revolutionary Football Conditioning Program 

Learn How to Condition your Team the Modern Way, All Season Round 168 Pages – FULLCOLOUR Print – 68 Practices – U14-Pro Level

Price: 29,95 €


Author: Javier Mallo (Real Madrid Fitness Coach)

.Previous Coaching positions: 

  • Sports Scientist/Strength & Conditioning Coach at Manchester City 2011-2013 (2 seasons),
  • Fitness Coach at Atletico de Madrid for 4 seasons,
  • Fitness Coach and Assistant Coach at U.D. San Sebastian de los Reyes (Spain, Division 2B) for 6 seasons.


  • UEFA A Coaching Licence
  • PhD in Sports Sciences (Sport Sciences Faculty -INEF- Technical University of Madrid)
  • MSc in High Performance in Sports
  • BSc in Physiotherapy


Reviewer: yasmin attar from jeddah, – Saudi Arabia

The best football book I ever read

Reviewer: Jason Mcneil from Leytonstone, London United Kingdom

Periodization Fitness Training is a very good book. I had a fair idea on conditioning players but this book has given me a lot more insight on the subject. The book has helped me to give a lot more structure and planning in training players and most of the sessions are game related and with a ball. The way the writer explains his methods is hard to follow at times but on the whole a very good book.

Reviewer: Martin Murray from Swords, Dublin Republic of Ireland
I have found this book excellent and using to very good effect in our Training Sessions each and every week. I work with Eite ( U19 ) Youth Players and while it’s hard work they also enjoy.

Martin Murray – Shelbourne F.C – U19 Elite Manager.

More Information

This revolutionary book in FULL COLOUR contains a complete conditioning program based on Periodization Fitness Training. Periodization is the systematic planning of fitness training. This book helps you solve the problem of organizing the training loads in order to achieve the highest team performance possible at the different stages of a season.

This book includes practices that develop all the attributes needed for an individual and a team, such as:

  • Warm ups with and without the ball
  • Football specific conditioning with the ball
  • Technical and Tactical practices
  • Competitive small sided games
  • Attacking and defending
  • The transition from defence to attack and attack to defence.

The fitness practices in this book are very creative and aim to replicate competitive matches, so the players get used to making quick decisions and solving problems that arise during competition.   Javier Mallo is currently a fitness coach at Real Madrid. He has previously been a fitness coach at Manchester City (2 years) and Atletico de Madrid (4 years). In this book, he explains how to create, organise and structure your football specific fitness training sessions. 

Fitness coaches need to have a profound knowledge of the game, as all the practices in a session have to come together in a common way of thinking related to the tactical organisation of the team. It may be possible that in the following years the term fitness coach will lose all its value and will simply be replaced by coach or assistant coach. 

Practice Topic Samples:

  • WARMING UP: Technical: Passing Combinations in Groups of 3
  • CONDITIONING: Coordination & Agility Training in a Conditioning Circuit
  • TECHNICAL: Passing Combination Play with Crossing & Finishing
  • TACTICAL: Position Specific 8 (+2) v 3 Zonal Possession Game
  • COMPETITIVE SMALL SIDED GAMES: Maximum Intensity SSG with Outside Support Players

Full Book Contents




1.1 The Coach: Decision Making for Relevant Team Performance Issues

1.2 Training Structure and Injury Prevention


2.1 The Initial Part of the Session

2.1.1 Warm Up Phases

2.1.2 Types of Warm Ups


Basic Warm Up – Running in ‘Waves’ Basic Warm Up – Running in Squares Changing Direction with Quick Feet in a Speed & Coordination Exercise Running & Switching Positions Tag Game



Technical: Passing Combinations in Groups of 3

Technical: Passing & Receiving Square Passing ‘Y’ Shape Combination with Middle Man Pairs Possession Exercise Tactical Shape and Building Up Play in a Warm Up Exercise

2.2 The Main Part of the Session

2.2.1 The Complexity of the Practices

2.2.2 The Complexity of the Practices; First 3 Levels

2.2.3 Tactical Practices; 4 Sub-Levels

2.2.4 The Final Level of Complexity; Competitive

2.3 How the Dynamic of the Efforts Are Distributed

2.3.1 Dynamic of the Efforts; 5 Levels

2.4 Organisation of the Training Practices


Low Intensity Conditioning Low Intensity Interval Training Medium Extensive Conditioning Strength & Coordination Circuit with Light Running Levels of Fatigue in the Latter Stages of Matches Long Intensive Conditioning Coordination & Agility Training in a Conditioning Circuit Levels of Fatigue after Short Intense Periods Short Intensive Conditioning Coordination & Explosive Speed Endurance Circuit Maximum Intensity Conditioning Explosive Speed/Strength & Coordination Circuit

TECHNICAL PRACTICES Low Intensity Technical Practices Pairs 4 Zone Football Tennis Game Medium Extensive Technical Practices Passing Combination Play with Crossing & Finishing Long Intensive Technical Practices Technical Dribbling Circuit Training Short Intensive Technical Practices Passing and Movement in an Acceleration Hexagon Maximum Intensity Technical Practices Timing Forward Runs, Combination Play & Finishing

TACTICAL PRACTICES Low Intensity Tactical Practices Tactical Shape & Collective Movements in Relation to the Position of the Ball Medium Extensive Tactical Practices Position Specific 8 (+2) v 3 Zonal Possession Game Long Intensive Tactical Practices Possession Play and Fast Break Attacks in an 11 v 11 Dynamic Central Zone Game The Impact of Space and Time Short Intensive Tactical Practices Short Intensive Tactical 4 v 4 Possession Game Maximum Intensity Tactical Practices Maximum Intensity 8 v 2 Attacking Combination Play COMPETITIVE SMALL SIDED GAMES
Low Intensity Competitive Practices
Creating Space and Passing in a 9 v 9 Small Sided Game
Medium Extensive Competitive Practices
Half a Pitch 9 v 9 (+2) Small Sided Game
Long Intensive Competitive Practices
Match Specific 8 v 8 SSG with Offside Rule
Short Intensive Competitive Practices
Short Intensive 4 v 4 Small Sided Games
Maximum Intensity Competitive Practices
Maximum Intensity SSG with Outside Support Players2.5 The Final Part of the Session CHAPTER 3: PERIODIZATION
3.1 Macro-Structure of Periodization
3.2 Micro-Structure of Periodization
3.2.1 Training Load Distribution during the Micro-cyclesTRAINING SESSION 1
Tactical and Competitive Practices for Long Intensive Dynamic Conditioning
Warm Up: Receive, Pass and Move Wheel
Activation: Pass + Sprint Exercise
Tactical Shape and Positional Play in a 6 Goal 10 v 10 Game
Positional Play, Crossing and Finishing in an 11 v 11 Dynamic Game


TRAINING SESSION 2 Tactical and Competitive Practices for Short Intensive Dynamic Conditioning General Warm Up – Running in ‘Waves’ Specific Warm Up: Passing Exercises in Small Groups with 2 Balls Activation: Rondo Possession Game Short Intensive Dynamic Crossing and Finishing Passing Sequence Short Intensive 1v1 / 2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4 Dynamic Small Sided Games

TRAINING SESSION 3 Tactical and Competitive Practices for Maximum Intensity Dynamic Conditioning General Warm Up – Running in Squares Specific Warm Up + Activation: Quick Passing & Applying Pressure High Intensity Dynamic 3 Zone 6 v 3 Transitional Possession Game Continuous High Intensity 7 v 7 (+6) Small Sided Games

3.3 Monitoring the Training Load



TRAINING SESSION 4 Long Intensive Attacking Practices Warm Up: Double Passing Square – Short & Long Support Play with Directional Touches Activation – Dribbling Relay Runs Warm Up: 3 v 3 (+2) Support Play in a 3 Zone Possession Game Building Up Play, Maintaining Possession in the Centre and 11 v 4 Attack Possession, Direct Play and Match Scenarios in a Dynamic Competitive 9 v 9 SSG

TRAINING SESSION 5. Short Intensive Defensive Practices Coordination, Resistance & Speed of Footwork Exercise Speed, Acceleration and Defending the Goal in a 1 v 1 Duel Defend the Goal in a 2 v 2 Shooting Practice Continuous 1v1, 2v2 , 3v3, 4v4 Duels Circuit

TRAINING SESSION 6 Maximum Intensity Practices for the Transition from Attack to Defence Quick Movements, Aerial Control and Passing Warm Up Activation: Short Sprints, Quick Reactions and Switching Positions Transition from Attack to Defence in Simultaneous Dynamic 4 v 2 Rondos Position Specific Circuit Training with Combination Play, Finishing & 2 v 1 Attack Maximum Intensity 3 Zone Dynamic Transition Game

TRAINING SESSION 7 Long Intensive Practices for the Transition from Defence to Attack Technical 3 Player Combination Warm Up with Timing of Forward Runs Activation: Global Speed and Power Circuit Press and Win the Ball in a 2 v 4 / 10 (+2) v 4 Double Square Possession Game Counter Attack in the Centre in a 7 v 9 Transition Game with 3 Goals Fast Transition to Attack in a 9 v 9 Zonal Small Sided Game


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