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Shooting Education in 8 Levels – Seminar with Peter Schreiner

July, 06. 9am to 1pm

BDFL Online-Workshop with the topic:

Shooting Education in 8 Levels

Presenter: Peter Schreiner

  1. Analysis of Top-Goal Getters in Europe
  2. Technique Training for Scoring
  3. Gamelike Shooting Training

Peter Schreiner – Presented at BDFL Online-Workshop 2021

Topic of the Workshop

Shooting Education in 8 Levels

In a 4-hour online workshop, Peter Schreiner presented his concept for the systematic training of goal scorers from children from 7 years to professionals.

In game scenes from the Champions League and the major leagues in Europe, he showed 8 typical goal-shooting categories. From this he developed a system of training forms that should develop the qualities of goal getters.

He conveyed this very clearly with training videos, graphics and animations.

Schreiner has been dealing with the subject of “Shooting Training” for years and has collected countless forms of training.

Since 2017 he has dedicated himself to the topic: “Individual training for strikers” and tested many forms of exercise and play in all age groups.

Why did he spend so many hours analyzing over 1500 goals?

In 2018 he was inspired by Gerard Houllier (who unfortunately died in December 2020) at the AEFCA Symposium in Belek.

Houllier said at the time:

“We coaches are students of the game. We should learn from the best”.

Top scorer in Europe – 1500 goals

Schreiner then transferred this to the goal getters of Europe and tried to find out their secrets for success.

He started with a compilation of goals from Messi and found after the first 100 goals that he always scored his goals in similar, typical situations in a similar way.

Then he continued to focus on top scorers and created categories of typical shooting situations.

Statistics from where most goals are scored were not enough for him. He wanted more information in order to develop training forms in which the players learn to score more goals.

Analysis of the top scorer in Europe

Schreiner was looking for answers to the following questions:

1. Why do these successful goal scorers score so many goals?

2. From where is the ball passed?

3. Where do they score the most goals?

4. And very important! What techniques do the top scorers use?

Training goal scorers – assessment criteria

In order to systematically train goal scorers, one must first determine what distinguishes a goal scorer and define criteria for scouting and assessing the goal scorer’s qualities.

For this purpose, Schreiner created a list that was also very helpful in putting together exercise and game forms.

Online training to become a “Striker Coach”

By the end of the year, Schreiner will put together an online training course to become a “Strikers Coach”, which will help the coaches in 10 modules to systematically prepare players for the pressure and challenges of shooting at goal.

For Questions, please send an email to Peter Schreiner:

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