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Rondo Soccer Drill – 2 Fantastic Drills For Your Next Training Session!

Rondos, known for their dynamic nature, are not just enjoyable but incredibly beneficial. They sharpen technical abilities, encourage rapid decision-making, and strengthen team dynamics, making them an ideal component of soccer training.

The following 2 rondo drills are from book “Realistic Rondos” by Greek coach Spiros Koulouris.

Rondo, rondo, rondo. Every. Single. Day. It’s the best exercise there is. You learn responsibility and not to lose the ball.

Xavier Hernández

Rondo Drill – Train Your Weak Foot

Rondo Drill - Train Your Weak Foot


Create one Rondo 5-8 x 5-8 meters. Use 6 players for each square. 4 external possession players and 2 internal opponents.


  • Good Communication Timing , Passing accuracy
  • Decision Speed
  • Diagonal location (Cover)
  • Width and Depth Training

Rules / Goals Rules for Possession Players:

  • 2 touches obligatory receive and pass with weak foot = 2 passes
  • 1 only hit with weak foot counts for 1
  • receive and pass without weak foot counts 0 pass
  • Lose the ball and run to protect a goalpost

Rules for Defensive Players:

  • Steal and score to the small goals
  • If red steal and score with the weak foot it counts for 2 , score without weak foot counts for 1

Offensive Goal

  • X consecutive passes to earn 1 point

Defensive Goal:

  • Steal the ball, try to score and earn 1 point

Rondo Drill – Change Sides

Rondo Drill - Change Sides

Create 2 Rondo’s with diagonal location to each other . 5-8 x 5-8 meters each square. We use 2 balls, 1 ball per square. 2 teams, a white team with 8 players and a red team of 4 players. 4 whites versus 2 reds per square. 1 Joker in the middle to support too. 2 orange cones right and left of each square in a distance of 6-8 meters .

Technical Objective:

  • Good Passing

Tactical–Mental and other Objectives:

  • Peripheral Vision (Look everywhere , middle-left-right)
  • Decision Speed
  • Communication – Timing, Width and Depth

Realistic Rondos – The best 30 Rondos for your next training session!

Coach Spiros Koulouris shows you how with the help of rondos you improve your players communication and timing, peripheral vision, reaction, speed and the ability to make the right decision faster!

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