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Peter Schreiner – Presenter in Montenegro Pro -License Course

From December 20-22, 2019 Montenegro held a coaching conference under the direction of Dr. N. Raickovic and B. Ljutica. Coaches used the occasion to extend their Pro- A- and B-Licenses. More than 120 coaches were divided into three groups, who were taught in different rooms.

Peter Schreiner held three lectures:

  1. Digital training planning with soccer software (easy Sports-Graphics, easy Animation and easy Sports-Organizer)
  2. Individual training for strikers – part 1 – Precision – quick action – time and opponent pressure
  3. Individual training for strikers – part 2 – Exercises and detailed coaching

Peter Schreiner particularly impressed the experts of the Pro -License course with his lecture on detailed coaching and individual training for strikers.

00 PPP Strikers 1200

After the lecture on digital training planning, more than 20 coaches bought the complete software package consisting of  easy Sports-Graphics, easy Animation and easy Sports-Organizer.

00 Software nico 1200

Dr. N. Raickovic, B. Ljutica and Peter Schreiner agreed to a cooperation including the software.

00 PS-Boris-Nico 1200

Pro- and A-License-Coaches

pro license 1200Pro-License 1200

The speakers were in a good mood during the meeting before the seminar

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Start PPP Striker 1

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