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Exercises from Schalke 04 presented by Bodo Menze and Gerald Asamoah

Presentation Schalke 04
Presentation Schalke 04


  • Bodo Menze, Manager of International Relations, FC Schalke 04 (Father of “Knappenschmiede”)
  • Gerald Asamoah, Club Ambassador, FC Schalke 04

At the NSCAA Convention 2017 in Los Angeles Bodo Menze and Gerald Asamoah presented “The Schalke Way” with one classroom and one field session. They presented the perfect youth developement at the “Knappenschmiede”. As a testament to this, they presented the impressive list of players who have made their way to professional football through the youth departement. The U19 coach, Norbert Elgert, probably the most successful U19 trainer in Germany, took the opportunity to give the players the final touch before the big jump into the professional division.

From this practice demonstration here are now two exercises for switching from defense to attack: After the warm-up program, Menze and Asamoah presented a position play for counter attack and transition:

Drill 1: 4 v 2 with two goals for counter attack

4v2 plus 2 Tore 1200

Grafik designed with easy Sports-Graphics


After a certain number of passes (2 contacts), the blue players will get a point until the red players conquer the ball. When the red players come to ball possession, they have two options: 1. Shot at the small goal left (2 points) or pass to the other side to their fellow players (1 point). If this is successful, they proceed on the other side with 4 to 2 until the blue ones conquer the ball.
Variation: Direct play.

4v2 in 2 Feldern auf 2 Tore
4v2 in 2 fields with 2 goals for counter attack

Drill 2a: Counter attack out of a 1 v 2 situation

1v2 plus 1v1 1200

Grafik designed with easy Sports-Graphics

The red player plays 1 v 2 on two goals and gets a point for each goal. When blue gets the ball one or two of them (variation) will start an attack towards the 1 v 1 situation in front of the penalty area. From this superiority, the team receives a point for each goal.

Goal: Obtain as many goals as possible from the outnumber situation as quickly as possible.

Drill 2a: Counter attack out of a 2 v 3 situation

At the end of the demonstration there was an 8 v 8 with the additional rule “Goals after  counter attack are 2 Points”.

2 gegen 3 auf 1 gegen 1
2 v 3 on 1 v 1



Bodo Menze bei den einführenden Informationen zur Praxis, während Gerald Asamoah die Gruppe aufwärmt.
Bodo Menze with the introductory information on the practice, while Gerald Asamoah warms up the group.
Gerald Asamoah beim Aufwärmprogramm
Gerald Asamoah with the warm-up programm


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