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Peter Schreiner – Presenter at German Soccer Coaches Convention

From 05.-07.12.2018 the 2nd Soccer Coaches Congress of the German Federation took place in the Sportschule Ruit. In addition to the association soccer instructors, Peter Schreiner (Institute for Youth Football) from Essen also was presenter. His topic: “Creating and using scoring opportunities”. The 100 participants were enthusiastic about the organization and content of the congress.

Theoretical introduction to the topic: “Creating and using scoring chances”

Full concentration of participants!

After the theory Peter Schreiner presented the training forms in field sessions.

He used the following structure:

  1. Warm-up exercises (pass exercises, combinations for large groups)
  2. Passing exercises for small groups
  3. Position games (opponent pressure)
  4. Header Contest
  5. Application in free game


See one drill on Youtube:

Double-pass training in an endless form

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