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Passing drill for Warm-Up

Passing in zones (play through the center)

Set Up: 12 to 16 players, 4 cones, square 15 x 15 meters (depending on the level of the
exercising players).

Organization: Two Players A and B dribble within the square and pass the ball to a player
positioned at one of the corners. Subsequently, the dribble player takes over
the position of the outside player. The outside player directly forwards the ball
(one touch) to another outside player and follows his pass (passing lane equals
running path).

Tips and Hints:

  • Make eye contact with the ball receiver
  • Use the entire space, good passing technique (body posture)
  • After two minutes active regeneration (two players juggle the ball)
  • Depending on the level of exercising players, first with receiving, then direct play

Precise Passing - Perfect Combination Play

This passing drill is taken from the eBook – Precise Passing – Perfect Combination Play

What distinguishes successful teams like Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona or Manchester City from other teams?
They are immensely precise in passing and are able to hold the ball in own possession for a long period of time to assess that one situation to play the gap pass and create goal-scoring chances.

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