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One Touch Combination Drill for 6 or More Players

The following drill is an excellent one touch combination exercise for 6 more players, presented by pro coach Peter Hyballa.

Make sure your players play clear and precise passes, this will make it possible to further increase the speed of the exercise. Of course this depends on the skill level of your players.

Players should not be “stuck” to the cones, but instead actively approach the ball and then play the pass.

Now Part 4 of our successful series “The Art of Attacking Soccer” is available as eVideo. In this excellent video production there is a complete new idea of designing drills: It is the combination of One-Touch, Combination Playand Soccer Specific Sprint Training.

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eVideo - Attacking Soccer 4
eVideo – Attacking Soccer 4

Author and Presenter: Martin Hasenpflug
Guest Presenter: Peter Hyballa
Director & Production: Peter Schreiner
Playtime: 120 Min.

The main topics: Passing Accuracy, Sprinting Capability, One-Touch Combination Play, Soccer Specific Sprint Training, Combination Play in a Parallel Course, Soccer Techniques under Pressure of Time, Coaching the Details, High Repetition Rates, Pressure of Time due to Group Competitions, Effective and Varied Training, Passing Through the Gap into the Run, Quick Combinations.

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