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NEW Series with Peter Schreiner – Coaching Finishing in Soccer (1)

Shooting at goal

Peter Schreiner has started a new series: 

Coaching Finishing in Soccer (Theory, Drills and Competitions)


The most exciting moments in a soccer game clearly take place around the goal box when a goal is scored. Soccer has changed and will continue to change. The speed of all playing actions will continue to get faster. The area around the ball will be blocked more effectively. Every technique must be mastered and executed accurately under pressure with tremendous speed, today and in the future. Therefore, the demands made on our players for a successful finish continue to grow. This trend in soccer must also be taken into consideration during shooting practice. Modern shooting practice should be motivating and realistic. Small competitions and drills incorporating pressure of space, opponent, group, and accuracy are perfectly suited for this.

How to learning systematically how to shoot at goal

  • Stage 1: Basic drills for beginners
  • Stage 2: Basic drills for advanced players
  • Stage 3: ‘Double actions’
  • Stage 4: Complex drills
  • Stage 5: Shooting under difficult conditions (Sprinting to the Ball, turning, jumping, high balls)
  • Stage 6: Shooting after tackle
  • Stage 7: Shooting under time pressure
  • Stage 8: Small sided games (competition) with shooting

This series will give answers to the following questions:

  1. How to score more goals?
  2. What’s the difference between shooting and finishing?
  3. How to improve scoring technique?
  4. How to improve perception and vision?
  5. How to improve reaction and speed before scoring?
  6. How to improve the tactical skills in scoring situations?
  7. What do strikers have to do to get more scoring opportunities?
  8. The last seconds before scoring – the psychological aspect of scoring
  9. How to bring strikers under pressure of an opponent and time?
  10. What does a coach have to do, when his team or players are having problems scoring goals?

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