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Creative Soccer Competitions in Training – Exercises for 20 players

Two dynamic fun competitions for up to 20 players, these creative and engaging competitions are sure to motivate your team.

In the first drill, teams defend one goal in either a vertical or diagonal 4 vs 4 setup, promoting constant combination play and challenging players to adapt to varying patterns and finishes. The direction of play changes after each successful finish, keeping the game dynamic and players on their toes.

In the second drill, the vertical direction adds an extra layer of complexity, making it an ideal simulation for real match scenarios. As you set up these drills, remember that the field size plays a crucial role in the level of difficulty and effectiveness of the exercises.

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Soccer Drill 1: Two fields – Four Teams

double 4 vs 4 on two fields


Each team defends one goal. There are two different directions of play respectively fixtures. In the first variation (illustration above) a vertical 4 vs 4 in two adjacent fields is played. With a command, the coach can alternate the direction of play or the fixture (illustration on the following page). Now, oblique fields are created in which 4 vs 4 is played. These fields cross each other in the center.


The players must constantly combine in different spaces and constellations. Also, the patterns of combination constantly alternate. Beyond that, different techniques and angles of finishes are demanded. The perception of the players is challenged.


  • The directions of play changes after every successful finish.

Soccer Drill 2: Vertical Direction

double 4 vs 4 on two fields with vertical play direction

Game Context

Depending on the size of the pitch, the vertical direction is easier or more difficult than the actual 11 vs 11 (or equally demanding). If the two fields cross each other, the level of difficulty is extremely increased. This is not only due to combinations and finishes in an unfamiliar field, but also due to the overlaying of both plays and the extra players functioning as obstacles.

Coaching Point

  • The size of the chosen field plays a crucial role. Choose a field wide enough to even enable combinations.

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