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Counterpressing Exercise 4 vs 2 with Change of the Fields

counterpressingdrill1Organization: In a field (10x10m) is being played 4 v 2. If a blue player gains the ball, he transitions from defense to offense. The red player, who lost the ball, transitions to defense. If Red plays four successive passes, they need to change into an adjacent field.

Coaching Points: Blue follows all principles of defending two by two. Moreover, the change of fields is a good possibility to create a pressing situation since a red player receives the ball in a closed position.

Variation: After a turnover, Red is allowed to regain possession. In this case, it only comes to switching tasks if Blue reaches an adjacent field (by a dribbling or a pass).

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The Art of CounterpressingThis counterpressing drill has been taken from Steven Tureks eBook “THE ART OF COUNTERPRESSING“. To get more information, variations, coching points and further drills, check out the complete book in our webshop!
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