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3 Great Soccer Passing Drills For Effective Passing

Passing is one of the most (if not the most) fundamental elements existing in soccer. Here are three great passing drills from Steven Tureks eBook “German Training Concepts – 32 Drills in the Passing-Diamond

Almost every coach is enthusiastic about passing exercises and integrates them into their training routine. Especially in exercises without any opponents there must exist a reference to the match. The players need to understand the connection between training exercises and competition.

Regardless of whether passes in the build-up, for instance: A centre-back who passes the ball to a centre-midfielder or in the last third as a deadly pass into the penalty area – accurate passing is crucial for every philosophy and style of play.

A pass is that much more than the pure technical completion of passing the ball from player A to player B. Both the player on the ball and the receiver of the ball are situated under different tactical influences of the particular situation – sometime an opponent comes from the behind, sometime at first a space needs to be opened in order to pass the ball to a specific player. Reproducing those competitive-circumstances is the purpose of training passing.

Soccer Passing Drill 1 – Play and Go in the Passing-Diamond

Passing Drill 1
Description: A starts with an initial dribbling and passes the ball into the path of B. A starts a run to the front dummy, receives the ball in a closed position and passes the ball within 2 touches to C at the starting point. C passes the ball using one-touch to B, who opens behind the left dummy. He forwards the ball directly to A, who is situated at the right dummy. A delays and passes within the second touch to B at the back dummy, who plays off the dummy with a give-and-go combination with A. The ball is played to D and the combination starts from the other side. A and B get behind D and E. C returns to his starting position.

Coaching Points: Demanded is a passing and running speed as fast as possible. In case of a 2-touch play, the ball-away foot receives the ball and the other one passes the ball. In case of a demanded one-touch play, always pass the ball to the dummy-away (thus, opponent-away) foot.

Passing Drill 2 – 2 Overlapping Groups

Passing Drill 2
Description: Next to the structure used so far, a second group is incorporated. Both groups can train successively the same (or different) variation. It is also possible to let both groups exercise simultaneously.

Coaching Points: Demanded is a passing speed as fast as possible. Also insist on a maximum of running speed when receiving the ball. In case of a 2-touch receiving, the ball-away foot receives the ball and the other one passes the ball within the second touch. In case of a demanded one-touch play, always pass the ball to the dummy-away (thus, opponent-away) foot. In this variation players also have to orientate themselves because of another group practicing.

Passing Drill 3 – 2 plus 1 v 1

Passing Drill 3
Description: A defender will be incorporated into the existing organization. This defender is only allowed to defend the halfway-line between the dummies. Aim of the offensive-team is a save combination to the other side. For this purpose, one of the deeply situated players (D or E) is allowed to engage in the combination. The first player A starts with an initial dribbling. The moment he passes for the first time; every other subsequent situation is to be solved one-touch. Is the combination of the offensive-team to the other side successfully performed, they receive one point. Intercepts the defensive-team the ball, they receive one point. A and B switch in each and every case sides and the exercise is performed from the other side.

Coaching Points: The players are supposed to implement the previously (or newly) trained drills. Especially players D and E shall correctly asses when to open up.

More soccer drills for effective passing

32 Drills in the Passing DiamondAll soccer drills presented are from Steven Tureks eBook “German Training Concepts – 32 Drills in the Passing-Diamond“. To get more information, variations, coching points and further drills, check out the complete book in our webshop!
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