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2 Rondo Soccer Drills – Create Spaces and Outplay Opponents

Two specialized rondo drills, each designed to enhance specific aspects of gameplay. The first focuses on creating spaces through high-speed diagonal forward passes, a technique crucial for bypassing defensive pressure effectively. The second drill emphasizes the strategic creation of space and positional disruption, teaching players how to outmaneuver opponents and exploit vulnerabilities in their defense.

Both drills are crafted to not only improve individual skills but also to foster a deeper understanding of team dynamics and match strategy and are from the new book “Rondos and Positional Games” by Levent Sürme and Martin Weng!

eBook – Rondos and Positional Games

Design a motivating perception and decision-making training with 50 rondos!

  • Orientation & perception
  • anticipation & reaction
  • optimal decisions
  • precise execution

6v6 + 6 – Diagonal play

The aim is to create spaces for playing diagonal forward passes to bypass pressure. So that the opponent does not have time to react, this must be done at maximum speed

Rondo Drill - 6v6 + 6 – Diagonal play


  • Mark a field with 6 gates as shown.
  • Blue against red in the field, white plays with the team in possession. In each gate one white player.
  • The aim is to play from gate to gate with the same color without losing the ball = 1 point.
  • As soon as a “new” neutral player is played, the playing direction to score changes.
  • In a ball possession phase, a maximum of two different neutrals (white) can be played, then the playing direction is fixed.
  • Free touches in the field and 2 touches for the neutral white players.


  • From gate to gate with maximum of 3 passes= 2 points.
  • As soon as the playing direction to score is fixed, the other neutral players can be used to support.

6v6 + 1 – To outplay last defending line (one defender)

Rondo Drill - 6v6 + 1 – To outplay last defending line (one defender)

The aim is to open space and drag the opponent out of position, the possession team wants
to attack. Due to this, there is often only one defender left in the last defending line. These
spaces have to be attacked.


  • Mark the field with two finishing zones as shown and set up 4 mini goals.
  • Red plays with the white neutral against blue and can score on mini goals A and B.
  • Blue tries to score on mini goals C and D.
  • Each team has a defender in the finishing zone. • The aim is to get to the finishing zone and score a goal from there.
  • The lines of finishing zones are considered as offside lines.
  • To get in a finishing zone by pass or dribbling.
  • The defender in the finishing zone may intercept passes and press the opponent with the ball.


  • One more player of the defending team may support the defender in the finishing zone.
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