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1v1 plus 2 – Two goals with Goalkeepers – Tactical Games 2

Tactical Games 2 (Schreiner)

Field is 15 yards square (or 10 x 20) with two standard goals with goalkeepers. Players play 1v1 with two neutral players on sidelines.

Players play 1v1 on two standard goals with two neutral players on sidelines. On turnovers (ball is stopped by keeper, goes out or is intercepted), defender and neutral players counterattack on opposite goal. After one minute, neutral players switch positions with field players.

Neutral players pass directly.

Tips and suggestions

  • Include plenty of active rest periodsHave players switch roles regularly
  • Get open immediately after passing to neutral player
  • Make intelligent opening runs and use entire field
  • Move into open space
  • Maintain open posture

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