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Counter-Pressing Exercise 4 vs 2 at 6 vs 4

counterpressingOrganization: In the inner field (12 x 8m) Red plays against Blue a 4 v 2. Red plays with two possible touches. If Blue gains possession, they are allowed to include the four blue utility players on the outsides. Red is allowed to hinder these passes. If Blue accomplishes a pass to the outside players, a 6 v 4 with the aim to hold the ball as long as possible will be played in the entire field.

Coaching Points: After a lost ball, Red is supposed to directly transition and pressure on the ball to regain possession as quickly as possible. Players in immediate proximity to the ball shall instantly pressure on the ball carrier. Ball-distant players try to hinder passes to one of the utility player.

Variation: After a lost ball, Red is solely allowed to cover passing-lanes to the outside positioned utility players. After a lost ball, also the blue utility players are allowed to move inside the field and offer for the ball.

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The Art of CounterpressingThis counterpressing drill has been taken from Steven Tureks eBook “THE ART OF COUNTERPRESSING“. To get more information, variations, coching points and further drills, check out the complete book in our webshop!
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