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Soccer Drills from Foppe de Haan (Soccer Coach Netherlands)

Soccer Drills from Netherland:

Basic Drill for Wall Passing:

Soccer Drills - Foppe de Haan
Soccer Drills – Foppe de Haan

Organisation: Players: 10 – 14, 4 – 6 Balls, 4 Cons


Player A starts a wallpass with the player in the middle from the corner on the right side of a square (12mx20m). Then he makes a throughpass to player C.


B turns around and has a socond wallpass with C (4,5), who dribbels to the left coner.

each player swithces to the next position.

Then the drill starts from the other side.


Coaching Points:

  • Ball on the ground
  • Protect the ball from an opponent (imagination)
  • Check away (running fake)
  • Head up and good vision.


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