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Seminars with Peter Schreiner and Peter Hyballa at Red Star Belgrad

Peter Schreiner, Dragan Mladenovic (Director of Red Star Academy), Peter Hyballa, Nikola Jelic (Head Coach of Red Star Academy), Dusan Rakic (Organizer of the seminar, Scout at Red Star Academy)

Two weeks after his seminar series in Egypt, Peter Schreiner was in Belgrade from December 15th-17th, 2021. There he presented (theory and practice) to 40 coaches from the “Red Star Academy” and 6 coaches from Zenit St. Petersburg.

The main topic was his “Education System for Shooting at Goal” from U7s to professionals.

Together with Peter Hyballa who presented “deep runs” in his seminars, Peter Schreiner had 2 days full of practice and theory sessions.

Theory 01

Training system for shooting at goal in 8 steps, the focus in Belgrade was on target shooting training. In a 70-minute introductory lecture, Peter Schreiner presented his 8 levels from U7 to professional.

Overview: 8 levels from beginner to professional

Theory 02

Individual Training for Strikers (Part 2)

During his first visit to Belgrade, Peter Schreiner presented Part 1 on the subject of “Individual training for strikers”, focussing on precision training in close range and at the edge of the penalty area as well as game forms for shooting on goal.

In December the main topics were:

“1v1 against the goalkeeper and pressure of time and opponent when shooting on goal.”

Dragan Mladenovic (Director of Red Star Academy) and Peter Schreiner answered questions from the coaches

Peter Schreiner, Dragan Mladenovic (Director of Red Star Academy),

Peter Hyballa presenting “deep runs”.

The seminar was perfectly prepared by Dusan Rakic.

Peter Schreiner, Peter Hyballa, Dusan Rakic (Organizer of the seminar, Scout at Red Star Academy)

Practice demonstration with the U17 from Red Star Belgrade

Practice 01 – Examples from the training system for shooting at goal

After the theory, Peter Schreiner presented training forms for different levels of his training system for shooting on goal. The demonstration group was the U17 from Red Star Beograde, who acted highly motivated and focused.

Coaches of Zenit Petersburg and Red Star Beograde, organizer Dusan Rakic and Peter Schreiner

Example from level 7 – shot on goal with pressure of an opponent

Very good atmosphere at the practical demonstrations with the U17s from Red Star Belgrade

Pressure of an opponent in a 1v1 competition on 2 large goals

Finish with foot – 6-12 shots on goal then change

Variation: Finishing with head

Variation: Change from header to shot on goal

Practice 02 – 1v1 against the goalkeeper
(from warming up to small-sided games)

Demonstration group: U15 from Red Star Belgrade

Basic exercise – dribble over the goalkeeper

In this basic exercise, the players learn the essential points for 1v1 against the goalkeeper if he has come out further than the 11m point. The striker is put under pressure from behind by an opponent so that he musst attack at top speed. Later, the players apply what they have learned against an attacking goalkeeper.

Application – 1v1 against the goalkeeper

The goalkeeper decides whether to stay close to the goal or run out. The pressure from behind is important so that this exercise is game-like.

Great media interest

Peter Schreiner and Peter Hyballa gave some interviews for the local television station in Belgrade.

Interview for the local TV station in Belgrade

At the end: Applause from the coach for players and Peter Schreiner

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