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Peter Schreiner: Presentation in Warschau (Poland)

Peter Schreiner: Presentation in Poland (bullet points)

Peter Schreiner in Poland
Peter Schreiner in Poland

How to Teach and Vary Complex Exercises

Eight Steps from Basic Drill to Game Situations

  • Complex exercises have to be taught correctly so players can understand them and apply them properly.
  • Once players have developed the necessary technical ability, you can move on to more complex exercises, step by step.

1. Explain the Basic Drill

Where? Introduce the running and passing lines step by step.

Where to run and where to pass the ball.

When? Explain the timing.

What? Explain the soccer technique to use.

Why? Transfer to the game situation. (Explain the players the purpose of the drill.)

2. Variations

Limit of touches (3 or 2 touches, one touch – depending on the abilities and situations)

Change direction (clockwise – counter clockwise)

Passing with both feet (change from left to right)

Different running and passing lanes

Different distances (short or long passes)

Different geometric forms (Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Circle)

3. Additional Activities

Before the players receive the ball (check away and

While being in possession of the ball

After receiving the ball (Shooting Flank play)
Open the drill and add an activity behind the drill (Shooting,

4. Focus on Different Techniques and Coaching Points

Passing (precisely)

Receiving (Ball control)

Combination Play (group tactics)

Ball possession (Position Games)

Through passing – Penetration

Shooting (at the end of a drill)

Tactical Aspects of the drill

5. Pressure of time

The players should perform the drills under pressure of time

Measure the time and compare

Two or three groups compete against each other (counting the Touches, rounds or goals)

6. Pressure of an opponent

Introduce opponents into the drills.

Steps: First orientation – then half pressure – then full pressure.

7. Complex drills

The players should perform different activities in one drill

Make the players think and concentrate

8. Apply the skills to the Game

(Small sided game/real game with 2 goals/goalkeepers)

Bring Players into game situations with the topic of the main coaching points.

Choose small sided games or positional games to bring the players to show the skills they learned in the drills.

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